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Books & Publications

CDP Journal, 343 Turf Lane, Castle Rock, Colorado, Calvin Campbell, editor. A quarterly publication of CALLERLAB containing articles, dances and news about the Community Dance Program (CDP). You must be a member of CALLERLAB to subscribe, but members may distribute the publication to anyone else. E-Mail: Calvin

"CALLERLAB Community Dance Program Handbook", CALLERLAB, 829 3rd Ave. SE, Suite 285, Rochester, MN 55904-7365. The handbook explains the concepts behind the creation of the CDP. Numerous dance examples are included and a sample teaching plan is provided. E-mail: Calvin "Easy Level Solo Dances, The Bob Howell Collection" Published by Siddle & Ray Publications for Dance, 1017 Williamsburg Dr., Charleston, IL 61920. This is a collection of over 130 solo dances originally published in the "Easy Level" column of American Square Dance Magazine over 23 years. Each dance has music recommendations, concise directions for all levels of ability, including educational level, plus an interesting history of each dance. E-Mail: Bob

"Solo Dances" American Square Dance Magazine, 661 Middlefield Rd, Salinas, CA 939062 This book by Shelia Popwell contains over 100 solo dances, fun dances & mixers.

"Sharing A Treasure of Dances" Les Henkel, 301 Oak St. Box 18, Tobias, NE 68453-0018. The book is filled with many dances suitable for the Community Dance Program. The book includes sections on: One Night Parties, Solo/Line, Couple Dances, Couple Mixers, Three Person Dances, Mescolanza (4 Person) Dances, Five Couple Dances, Easy Contras, Community Dance Program

Bob Dalsemer, PO Box 181, Brasstown, NC 28902-0181 has several publications."When the Work's All Done" "A Square dance party for Beginners and Old Hands" and "Smoke on the Water" are aimed at the traditional style of square dancing and contain music and chords for use by a live band. Most of the material fits within the 24 square dance basic recommended for the CALLERLAB Community Dance Program. Music is available on cassettes. A third booklet titled "New England Quadrilles" contains instructions for how to call traditional square dances and prompt quadrilles as well as many good solid routines.
E-mail: Bob Dalsemer

"Contra Dancing" Don Armstrong, Lloyd Shaw Foundation Sales Division, PO Box 11, Macks Creek, MO, 65786. This book has over 100 contra dances along with pictures, diagrams and descriptions.

"First Steps to Contra" Walt Cole, American Square Dance Magazine, 661 Middlefield Rd, Salinas, CA 939062. The small booklet contains general information about contra dancing and several example contras.

"Modern Contra Dancing" Herbie Gaudreau, American Square Dance Magazine, 661 Middlefield Rd, Salinas, CA 939062. The small booklet also contains general information about contra dancing and several example contras.

"Easy Sing-a-Long Calls" Stan Burdick, American Square Dance Magazine, 661 Middlefield Rd, Salinas, CA 939062. The book has over 50 easy level singing calls.

"The Catalogue of CDP Called Records", ITW 343 Turf Lane, Castle Rock, CO 80107 is a listing of all current records with calls that fit within the CALLERLAB Community Dance Program. The flip sides of the recording are called and the listing shows the Intro/Brk/End and the Figure on singing calls and the figures used on patter calls. E-Mail: Calvin

New England Caller, PO Box 8069, Lowell, MA 01853 has several handbooks that contain material suitable for the community dancing. This includes line dances, rounds and squares and the original American Square Dance Society manuals.

American Square Dance Magazine, 661 Middlefield Rd., Salinas, CA, 93906-1004. While this magazine is largely devoted to square dancing, it is an excellent source for finding records, books etc. It also has a monthly column called "Easy Level" by Bob Howell.

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Record Companies

Jack Murtha Enterprises, PO Box 3055, Yuba City, CA 95992-3055 produces records for a square dance Diamond Program that uses 19 out of the recommended 24 CDP basics. Some of the records do use Do Paso. Jack has even been able to persuade some of the big-name callers to make some Diamond Program level recordings to popular tunes.

Grenn Inc., Box 216, Bath, OH 44210 produces four record labels. Several catalogue combinations are available that list dances suitable for the CDP. The dances are even graded as to the difficulty so leaders have the opportunity to pick and choose records that will fit within the skills of your dancers. They have several series tailored to fit the the basics listed in this text book.

The Lloyd Shaw Foundation Sales Division, PO Box 11, Macks Creek, MO, 65786 produces a wide variety of records for contras, squares, quadrilles, rounds and folk dancing. They have a recreational square dance kit and manual that generally stay within CDP guidelines.

A and F Music, Po Box 22994, Milwaukie, OR, 97269. Jewel, MacGregor,Kalox and Belco records can be ordered directly.

Folkcraft Records, Po Box 404, Florham Park, New Jersey 07932. Folkcraft records can be ordered directly.

Wagon Wheel/Windsor Records, Po Box 5576, Whittier, CA 90607-55765. Records can be order directly.
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Retail Record & Sound Equipment Sources

Supreme Audio, Po Box 50, Marlborough, NH, 03455-0050. Has one of the largest stocks of records, books, PA equipment,. etc. A catalogue is available.
E-mail: Supreme Audio
Supreme Audio Website

Reeves Records Inc., Po Box 17668, Dallas Texas, 75217-0668.

Palomino Records Inc. 2905 Scenic Dr., Marion, OH, 43302-8386.
E-Mail: Palomino Records

Square Dance Record Roundup, 957 Sheridan Blvd., Denver Colorado 80214.

Chuck Jaworski Records, 4716 W. Berenice, Chicago, Ill 60641

The Country Dance & Song Society, 17 New South St, Northampton, MA, 01060 has an extensive catalogue of records, books, etc. Much of the material fits in the area of traditional dancing. E-mail: CDSS

Folkcraft Records, Po Box 404, Florham Park, NJ, 07932. A catalogue is available on request.

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Video Sources

"An Introduction to CONTRA DANCING", R&R Video International, 3649 Whittier Blvd., Los Angles, CA 9002. The package includes a video, two cassettes tapes and a 49 page booklet containing 17 contras, 1 mescolanza and 1 quadrille. Mike Seastrom prompts the dances with added commentary by Bob Osgood. The video is a product of the California Contra Callers Association.

The package is an excellent introduction to contras for anyone who is unfamiliar with this dance form. Both dancers and leaders can use the video to learn the mechanics. Then the cassette tapes can be used to actually dance the routines. Finally, the new leaders have a quick written reference for each of the dances that will enable them to prompt the dances in person.

"Jerry Helt's Dance Party", Kentucky Dance Foundation,C/O Stew Shaklette. 460 Long Needle Rd., Brandenburg, KY 40108. This video is worth getting just to study Jerry's presentation techniques.

"An Introduction to the Community Dance Program", ITW 343 Turf Lane, Castle Rock, CO 80104. A introduction to the Community Dance Program. The video gives an overview of the program and the dance forms used. E-Mail: Calvin
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Special Instruction Guides

University Level Instructor's Guide, ITW 343 Turf Lane, Castle Rock, CO 80104. (303) 790-7921This guide is designed to provide teacher's with a detailed plan for a college level course one semester in length. The guide uses material published in "Dancing for Busy People". E-Mail Calvin

"Dance Instructor's Guide" ITW 343 Turf Lane, Castle Rock, CO 80104. (303) 790-7921. This guide is designed to supplement the information provided in "Dancing for Busy People". A complete plan for eight sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each is outlined with dance names, records suggestions, etc. E-Mail Calvin

Selected Dance Related WWW Sites

Western Square Dancing -- Contains many references to modern western square dance activities, caller's, businesses, etc. Probably the most comprehensive on the WWW

Dave Gipson's Website -- An extensive listing of callers for Modern Western Square Dancing.

Conta dance page -- An excellent cross index of contra dance events.

CDSS home page -- The Country Dance and Song Society is a large organization with many books records etc.

Supreme Audio -- An excellent source of books & records.

Brown's Website -- Has many line (solo) dances posted.

Colorado SD Information Page

Bob Lafleur Square Dance Resources -- Lots of links.

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