If you are a Square Dance Caller...Round Dance Cuer... Contra Dance Promper...Line Dance Teacher...
CDP Leader...Recreation Leader...School Teacher... College Professor...Church Activities Director...etc. ...this website is for you.

Dancing for Busy People" has become the standard reference for people working in the Community Dance Program. The book is described in detail.

The Community Dance Program (CDP) is one example of a cooperative effort of a group of dance leaders to provide dances using simple basic terminology. The goal is to provide dancers and leaders with large variety material that can be taught quickly and with a minimum amount of dance experience needed by the audience.

Only 25 basic dance movements (basics) are used to describe most of the dances featured at this website. Each of these basic terms is defined along with timing styling and tips for teaching.

Dances include square dances, quadrilles, contra dances, no partner (line) dances, round dance mixers, Sicilian circles, trios, mescolanzas, and etc. Dances are added periodically. Be sure and see the "Dance of the Month" on this page.

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This section contains articles of interest concerning community dancing.

Numerous books, videos, records, etc. are available. This section lists these sources. The section will be expanded as more material becomes available. The section will also feature reviews of specific resources.

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Your Hosts

Calvin and Judy Campbell have been teaching dancing for over forty years. They are charter members of the Lloyd Shaw Foundation and have been featured dance leaders at many of their events.

Cal is the author of three books on dancing and wrote a column for Square Dance Magazine for five years. He presently writes a column for Square Dancing Today.

Cal is member of the Board Of Governors of CALLERLAB (The International Association of Square Dance Callers). He is Chairman of the Committee for Community Dance and the editor for the CDP Journal published quarterly by CALLERLAB.

Cal leads numerous dance parties for beginners. He is the education officer for the Denver Areas Callers and Cuers Association. He also conducts seminars for teachers and recreation leaders.

Judy has many years experience in teaching dancing to elementary students. Currently she shares the mic with Cal in leading beginner parties and community dances.

Cal and Judy will be appearing as featured educators at the National Square Dance Convention in Denver, CO in 2004.